We are involved in the surgical management of these conditions:

  • General surgical conditions

    • Common swellings
    • Thyroid swellings (except MTC, Toxic goiter)
    • Breast diseases
    • Hernias
    • Tropical diseases
    • Pilonidal disease
    • Uncomplicated perianal conditions

  • Head & neck surgery

    Diseases routinely treated

    • Oral cancer and other Head & Neck malignancies
    • Salivary gland surgery
    • Congenital Head & Neck conditions
    • Nerve sheath tumors in the neck except brachial plexus lesions
    • Tuberculous lymphadenitis
    • Parapharyngeal masses
    • Deep neck space infections

    Specialized operations

    • Parotidectomy – superficial, total conservative, radical; facial nerve reconstruction
    • Submandibular gland excision
    • Branchial/ thyroglossal cyst excision
    • Neck dissections of all types
    • Composite resections including mandibulectomy
    • Reconstructive surgery
      • Jaw reconstruction
      • Tongue reconstruction
      • Cheek reconstruction
      • Esophageal reconstruction
      • Breast reconstruction
      • Microvascular reconstruction


Out-patient clinic

We run an outpatient clinic every Monday and Thursday, seeing both new and review registrations on both days. In the OPD we have facility for naso-pharyngo-laryngoscopy where head and neck conditions are screened or evaluated. Much of the preliminary investigation and counseling of patients takes place in the OPD. The clinical details are then discussed in a multidisciplinary forum and the final plan of management is discussed with the patient. 

Head and neck room: this facility, attached to the OPD, allows naso-pharyngo-laryngoscopic examinations in head and neck conditions. Minor procedures are also carried out here.

Multidisciplinary Tumor Board

Head and neck malignancies are discussed in this forum after the staging workup and finalized plan of management is made. This is further discussed with the patient and the options available are presented. Once a consensus is reached, the patient proceeds with the various departments for management and follow-up. Difficult problems that arise in the course of treatment are also addressed in this forum.

LCECU (Low Cost Effective Care Unit)

This is a rural outpost of CMC where primary medical needs of the local residents can be taken care of without the delay involved in a busy tertiary centre. Minor surgeries are conducted there by our unit. This also gives an opportunity for registrars to familiarize themselves with the working of a rural hospital setup.

Chittoor campus

This campus 30km from Vellore is an up-coming facility of CMC, Vellore. Preliminary OPD setups have begun functioning and our unit sees patients there once fortnightly.


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