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The unit runs two outpatient clinics and has three major operating lists and one day case list a week. The stoma therapy service and continence assessment service (Anal manometry) are run alongside the outpatient clinics. The operating rooms are well equipped and conform to international standards.

The following diseases are managed surgically in conjunction with consultants of other specialties as appropriate:-

Colon Cancer   Colonic resections (open and laparoscopic)
Rectal Cancer  

Anterior resection, (open and laparoscopic)

Sphincter preserving operations for low rectal cancer (open and laparoscopic)

Abdominoperineal excision (open and laparoscopic)

Trans-anal excision of early rectal cancer

Rectal Polyps


Trans-anal excision


Polyposis   Restorative proctocolectomy and ileal pouch anal anastomosis
Rectal Prolapse   Transabdominal and Transperineal repair
Inflammatory bowel disease          Restorative proctocolectomy and ileal pouch anal anastomosis
Incontinence – Anal sphincter injury  

Anal sphincter repair

Gracilis neosphincter

Anovaginal,Rectovaginal, Rectovesical and rectourethral fistulae   Transabdominal and Transperineal repair
Enterocutaneous fistulae    
Complex anal fistulae    

Enterostomal Services

stoma clinic   stoma room

Stoma services are run by a group of colorectal specialist nurses who have expertise in enterostomal therapy, continence assessment and pelvic floor training. They provide both inpatient and outpatient services, with preoperative stoma counselling, and post operative stoma care.


Pelvic floor physiology laboratory

The pelvic floor physiology laboratory offers a range of services including anorectal manometry. Anal manometry is performed using a state of the art solid state manometer. Endoanal ultrasonography is available in conjunction with radiology, and EMG in conjunction with the PMR department.




Other support Services

The radiology department and gastroenterology department provide excellent support with diagnostic imaging (MRI, Endo-anal ultrasonography, Defecating proctography and intestinal transit studies) and diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy.