The specialty of colo-rectal surgery has traditionally remained under the general surgeon in most places of India and so also in Christian Medical College, Vellore. A dedicated colo-rectal unit was formed in 2003, but still functions as one of the units of the department of general surgery.

The unit is staffed by two senior and four junior surgeons and is supported by a group of nurse specialists trained in stoma therapy and evaluation of continence. The spectrum of diseases managed by the colo-rectal specialty surgical unit include colo-rectal cancers, polyposis syndromes, inflammatory bowel disease, pelvic floor disorders, rectal prolapse and complex anal, rectal and entero-cutaneous fistulae. As many of these cases, particularly cancer and inflammatory bowel disease need to be approached by a multidisciplinary approach, there are weekly meetings with consultants from other specialties (Medical gastroenterology, Radiation therapy, Medical oncology, Radio-diagnosis and Pathology) to discuss and plan treatment.